Exciting New Audience Participation Feature

Erin and I are currently discussing something of MAJOR IMPORT and here’s your chance to chime in:

Do you think using Futura is low, the way that using Comic Sans or Papyrus is?


“Comic Sans”




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2 responses to “Exciting New Audience Participation Feature

  1. erin

    I’ve already stated my thoughts on the matter. It’s as though Futura is cool, but it’s too hip for hipsters to admit is cool. Like, if you saw a hipster using futura they’d get made fun of for being another cog in the consumer market where things are dressed in pretty packages to attract the lower class so to be REALLY cool they should use a font they bought at Goodwill that looks like it came from a cat’s hairball. Let me introduce the upcoming hipster font trend: Curlz.

  2. mattf.

    Well, here’s my take on this:
    Futura is low in the way that Helvetica or Verdana is low. All three are easy on the eyes and easily readable, hence their use as a general font for advertising and websites. Helvetica is heavily commercialized, so many people choose to use Verdana as a substitute because they are so different (This is a joke and the joke is that they are not that different at all). Futura is just a more unpleasant and rigid version of this easily accessibility. It lacks the slickness of Helvetica or Verdana.

    It would also be interesting to point out Futura’s almost dystopian authoritarianism and label is something like “web2.0 cultural-fascism” but that would just be for the fun of compounding words to make hilarious lefty-jargon.

    However, all three of the aforementioned fonts are at least honest and up front about their purpose: to convey a basic idea quickly and without any sort of actual effort or aesthetic pleasure. Sterile fonts, really.

    My money is on Wingdings.


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