This morning I received a phone call just as I was entering my office at 8:00 am. On my CELL PHONE. The call was from Erin. I thought it could be an emergency so I called her back immediately.

It was.

Erin was calling me to let me know that Kanye West was impolite to Taylor Swift last night!

Like most Americans, I have defended both Kanye West AND Taylor Swift to naysayers. Kanye I like because his music is enjoyable, and his constant mention of his distrust of higher education is hilariously pathetic. And he has sort of a funny blog, and I like his music, did I mention that? Taylor Swift, well, I wrote a whole entry for that.

I haven’t seen the actual diss, but I read an article and a lot of facebook status updates about it, so I think I feel qualified to discuss it. Here are the facts as I see them.
1. Taylor Swift’s video “You Belong With Me” is cute. She wears really big glasses, which, as Matt called within the first 3 seconds of the video, she later removes and therefore becomes beautiful. She is in a band uniform that makes her look tiny, and later in a beautiful dress in which she looks like a princess (she would like that word, “princess”), the colors are all blown out and it’s pretty well worn territory. The most impressive thing about it is how bitchy the offending girlfriend is. I like it. Literal interpretation of lyrics in video? Yes please!
2. Kanye West apparently claimed that Beyonce’s video about putting rings on it was the best video of the decade. I saw the video once, but I can’t really remember it. I don’t remember being blown away by it, and I have had that experience with Beyonce before. I think Single Ladies is probably one of Beyonce’s worst singles. It’s jarring and doesn’t showcase her vocal talents!

So why would Kanye make such a claim? Because he believes it to be true? Maybe. Because he now depends on uncomfortable outbursts to stay in headlines and also little girl’s blogs? Probably. Or, and this might be too harsh, is it because Kanye West doesn’t care about white people? You tell me.

(It’s probably just that he finds outbursts are good for publicity.)

taylor swift glasses

Before (Try not to vomit/turn away/make american apparel jokes)

taylor swift no glasses

After (Thank god.)

(On an unrelated note just to defend myself, yesterday i was doing a crossword and the first clue I was able to answer was “Force that binds quarks” which is obviously “gluons.” So there.)



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  1. Benji

    Thank you for informing us!

    -The Public

  2. Danny seems to think that it was a promotion for Jay Leno’s show, on which Kanye apologized the next day. I’m not sure I disagree.

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