I think this might be a joke?  But I don’t know.  I need to find a cellulose insulation blower.



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  1. Erin

    The Blower’s Daughter
    Gokart Superblowers
    Hot Air Blower
    How to Become a Glass Blower
    New York Blower
    Niagara Blower
    Squirrel Cage Blowers
    Vortec Superchargers

    Those are serious topics, Kaitlin.

  2. kmarone

    Squirrel Cage Blowers are a lot less cute and exciting than I assumed they’d be:

  3. Benji

    What is a cellulose insulation blower? Is that a device, or a workman of some kind?

  4. cale

    i didn’t find “dick blowers” so im not impressed.

    ew, sorry.

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