I think I would make an excellent advice columnist.  So if you have something you need advice on, let me know.

Marriage?  Yes

Decorating? Yes

Nutrition? Yes

Crop Rotations? Yes

Crop Circles? No

Gene Therapy? No

Let me know.



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4 responses to “Advice

  1. erinlucille

    I’d like to add these things to your repertoire:

    Awkward Business Etiquette? Yes

    Crazy People? Yes

    Crazy Animals? Yes

    Multiple-Dimension Existence? Yes

    Booths? Yes

    Desserts/Baked Goods? Yes

    Do you see all these things you’re so good at? My advice column would be:


    Hypothetical Crafting

    Business Writing


    • kmarone

      I don’t think I can give very good Desserts/Baked Goods advice, unless the question is “Should I eat this?” or “Should I think this is delicious?” or “I think I’m eating baguettes in my sleep. Should I seek counseling?”

      (Answers: At least try it. Sure, it’s baked, isn’t it? Yes, you need to get to the bottom of this. I am still struggling. Let’s start a support group.)

  2. Benji

    I don’t understand. Is this post a list of subjects you’ll offer advice on, or is it the advice itself? I mean, are you saying “yes to marriage and no to gene therapy” or what? I’m not sure what gene therapy actually is — are you?

  3. kmarone

    Obviously it’s topics I’m willing to give advice on. And yes I do know what gene therapy is! Just not well enough to give advice about it. Plus I think it is still in the works.

    Why don’t we ask what wikipedia thinks?

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