For almost the entire time I’ve been at my job in Elkins, There’s been extensive construction on the main thoroughfare outside my office window.  There’s usually a line of cars standing still, and usually I like to reflect on how glad I am that I am not that person in the car, stuck for 15 minutes trying to go less than a mile.    Actually I usually don’t think about it very much at all.

Today, however, I glanced out my window and saw a livestock truck.   That’s also not unusual, but I looked at it a few times before seeing that the magnetic sign on the front door said


Besides being hilarious in itself, the phrase Buckeye Donkey Ball is mysterious.  What is going on?  Is it like a dance?

It turns out, Buckeye Donkey Ball is the oldest donkeyball company in the nation. Donkeyball is a game where people ride the backs of donkeys to play basketball or baseball.   Usually a group will hire a donkeyball company to come in and do it as a fundraiser.

Naturally many animal rights groups are upset by this.  And I understand.  By definition, these animals are being exploited.  But I wouldn’t worry about them being abused.  I watched all the videos on YouTube, and the fact is, it looks pretty boring.  All these donkeys hanging out, letting people mount and dismount with ease.  It’s so boring that nearly every YouTube video of donkeyball had to have some kind of lame introduction.  Actually I haven’t done much investigation into the abuse claims at all.  I just like that someone had this idea, and that it still, even in 2009, even in the Obama Administration, it is still used as a fundraiser.  Yes.  Yes.





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2 responses to “Donkeyball

  1. Benji

    Where is the link to the White House’s donkeyball fundraiser? Do you think the press will call the ensuing scandal “Donkeyballgate”?

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