Nerdiest post

If you haven’t been keeping up with the “Word Idol” competition at the blog the ragbag, it’s probably because you have a job that expects you to work at it, or you have other things that you do.  Which is fine.  But you only have a few hours left to vote, and I think the idea is charming and you ought to check it out.

Also, my vote is on either fourings or ferly because I love novelty and also I love eating.

Follow Up:   The winner is fourings.  Congratulations!



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4 responses to “Nerdiest post

  1. God bless you for supporting fourings, you wonderful Indian Graveyard, you.

    • Kaitlin "Immer-Spaetlin"

      To be honest, the vote practically made itself yesterday while I was eating a granola bar at 4:00 while driving. I thought “fourings on the go!” and it was done.

  2. Benji

    I like fourlings, but “frimicate” or “feer” have the best usage potential.

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