Call to Action

A pal of mine, Kathleen, and I are sitting on my couch right now.  After we noticed that the picture of Carl Sagan on the back of Cosmos is pretty dreamy (however not on the back of Broca’s Brain), we decided that it would be an excellent craft project to make a teen-magazine-style collage of dreamy scientists.

so far we have:

carl sagan

Carl Sagan on the back of the book version of "Cosmos"

malcolm gladwell

alfred wegener

nikola tesla (controversial)

brian greene

sir edmund hillary (is he a scientist?)

jacques cousteau

todd surovell

I’ll add pictures later.  But what I need from you, loyal reader, is to tell me who YOU think is a dreamy scientist.  I expect my comment section to be filled which means don’t send me a facebook message or whatever.

I’m excited, I hope you are.



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10 responses to “Call to Action

  1. sarita

    Young Albert Einstein was pretty cute. Suave, even.

    Ignore that comparison to a remarkably drunk looking Shia Lebouf. What’s important is how hott Albert looks on the left there.

  2. Benji

    I still say Malcolm Gladwell isn’t really a scientist per se.

    Definitely Tesla, with his “bad boy” image. Also, definitely Einstein in his dapper youth. And I would also vote for Schrodinger, with his intense angular features and passionate eyes:

    If you’re taking women as well, Lise Meitner has a sort of irresistible come-hither look to her:

    Michael Faraday? I think he’s cute, but I may be a poor judge of male beauty.

    • Malcolm Gladwell is not a scientist, it’s true. Don’t tell anyone though.

      Also: That’s two votes for young Einstein!

      Also: Lise Meitner, APPROVED

      Also: Michael Faraday, APPROVED although he does have an uncomfortably large face, don’t you think?

  3. Anna

    mmm. I like the young James Lovelock.

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