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Life Announcement

So get this.  After my current Americorps stint is completed in mid-June, I will be migrating.  It’s sort of a rust belt to sunbelt migration.   Like many yuppies, I will be moving to New Orleans.

This is exciting.  Mostly because West Virginia winter is making me die.  Also because Benji got a job with TeachNOLA so  finally once again we will live in the same place like normal people.  Long distance relationships are really bad for the environment, so it’ll be good to be done with that.  Plus, I’ll be closer to Little Rock.

I’ve never had any special desire to move there, but I liked it when I visited (8 years ago.  to see Bright Eyes.)

Here’s the problem:  I’m terrified I won’t find a job.  TERRIFIED.  So your job, readers, is to find me a job.  I have a baccalaureate degree in Sustainable Development, experience affordable housing, and a nice, trustworthy face:

This is a picture of me at my desk at work. Trustworthy.

I’m good at spelling, talking, using Adobe products, identifying energy efficient windows.  Oh oh!  I’m a Green Advantage Certified Building Practicioner! I can’t work in the restaurant business because I’m clumsy and inefficient, but I could work in retail.   I have worked on grants before and I’ve even tried some non-grant fundraising.

So everyone–spread the word.  You know a gal.  She’ll do the job.

Also, if you live in New Orleans, let’s hang out, pals! (in four months)  Yay!



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Clothing Blogs (aka Snooze City Post)

Sorry I’ve been absent lately.  I’ve been busy busy.  Not only did I travel for five days to North Carolina, which is a LAND OF DREAMS compared to the frozen snow hell I’ve been living in, but upon return, I received three (3!) new New Yorkers AND A HARPERS that I’ve had to read.  I’ve also had to play Settlers of Catan four times.   What good times.  Anyway.

Something I’ve been thinking about too much lately, because I have been using the internet too much lately, is how there are a whole lot of good menswear blogs, and I enjoy reading them even though  I do not wear mens clothing regularly.  These include Put This On (Jesse Thorn is my favorite internet/public radio semi-celebrity), A Continuous LeanArchival Clothing,   Nerd Boyfriend, Street Etiquette, and of course the dress and grooming section of The Art of Manliness.

The reason these are good is because they aren’t unfashionable, but they aren’t about fashion.  They talk about quality of clothing and kinds of clothing and why certain clothings are the way they are and what different fabrics do.  My question is: Are there womens clothing blogs like this?  And if there aren’t, why not?  I’ve been thinking about this and I think it might be that there are very few classic womens clothing pieces.  Women’s clothing in our culture has been driven by fashion since before mass production of ready-to-wear clothing was even in existence.   But I’m certain that its possible to dress with style without adhering to current fashion.  And I’ve never been good at either of those things.  So this is why I need someone to tell me how to make these decisions responsibly, the way that thousands of men are eased through the process daily through the myriad blogs there to help them.

I’m not sure what I’m getting at here.  Alls I know is I like a quality leather in my shoe, a quality natural fiber in my sweater, and a quality a-line skirt.   And I want to buy clothing that lasts, not clothing that I’m going to want to get rid of in a year because it looks dated OR because I bought it at H&M or Urban Outfitters or Target and it broke.  But I don’t want to dress like a prarie woman because I am short and stout.   I want some like-minded individuals to talk about this with.

(I realize this isn’t terribly important.  This was all sparked by a trip to the worst place on earth this weekend, an abomination in “urban” development, a monument to the perversion of “new urbanism,” The Streets at Southpoint, a mall in Durham, NC that is made to make you feel better about going to a mall.)


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Web 2.0 (Another Post Called Web 2.0)

On Friday I left work early for fear of the major snowstorm hitting the East Coast.  I went home and I watched the show Caprica*, which is the prequel series to Battlestar Gallactica.   One of the important themes in the show is virtual reality, and social network software taken to it’s logical conclusion (therefore, the plot rightly centers around high school students).  This virtual world eventually leads to the development of cylons and, by extension, the destruction of all of mankind–of course.

In fear of this future, I “deactivated” my Facebook account today.  I did that because it takes up too much time and makes me feel distracted and it makes me feel lonely, even though I have 465 “friends” on it.  To quote Jaron Lanier from this month’s Harpers, “Obviously, [this statement] can be true only if the idea of friendship is diminished.”  But it’s tough.  There’s a reason this website calls it suicide.  Technically, and this is the worst part, I haven’t actually deleted my Facebook account.   This is horrifying, but I actually don’t have the strength to convince myself to do it just yet.   Currently I can just … log back in… if I feel like it.  And I might feel like it.  For instance, I might feel like it when I realize that the vast majority of people who read my blog come in through Facebook.

I didn’t really do this just because of Caprica, but because right now I am being innundated constantly by articles, movies, books, ads, all kinds of things which seem to be asking me (and hopefully you will be asked this as well) “Will you be in control of your participation in the digital world, a world which in our lifetimes will become equally important to that of the phyiscal and interpersonal world?”  a question which you may be answering “no” to if you are using facebook, since they own everything you put up and sell it.  (Plus I’m sick of them suggesting that I’m fat and a single mother and want Uggs.)

I don’t want to hear about everyone anymore.  I don’t want to see your friends, I don’t want to see you drinking in Prague, I don’t want to read about your baby, I definitely DO NOT want to hear about your opinion that Obama is a Socialist OR about any quizzes you took. (I mean.  There are some babies I like and want to know about them.  There are some trips to Prague I want to hear about.  But mostly I don’t.)

Right now though, I’m just stepping back and trying to take control over my virtual presence, and take it seriously.  By maintaining this blog, my rarely-updated Twitter account (@immerspaetlin), and my email (, not to mention the telephone, letters, etc. I like to think I’ll be able to have a fulfilling social life.  Right?  Right?

Also, if you’re interested, you might watch this episode of Frontline.  Just typing that makes me feel like an excitable high school history teacher.  But really.

Until later see ya’ll in Second Life!!!!!!!! (jus’kiddin)

*Like Battlestar Gallactica, I feel simultaneously that I LOVE IT SO MUCH and also that the actors are so bad and the symbolism so heavy-handed that I am sick of it.  In case you were wondering what I think about it.


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Dreamy Scientists, Part II

In order to quash your feelings of uncomfortable borderline-infidelity stemming from the recent scientist-objectification project, you may send your loved one scientist valentines.

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