Life Announcement

So get this.  After my current Americorps stint is completed in mid-June, I will be migrating.  It’s sort of a rust belt to sunbelt migration.   Like many yuppies, I will be moving to New Orleans.

This is exciting.  Mostly because West Virginia winter is making me die.  Also because Benji got a job with TeachNOLA so  finally once again we will live in the same place like normal people.  Long distance relationships are really bad for the environment, so it’ll be good to be done with that.  Plus, I’ll be closer to Little Rock.

I’ve never had any special desire to move there, but I liked it when I visited (8 years ago.  to see Bright Eyes.)

Here’s the problem:  I’m terrified I won’t find a job.  TERRIFIED.  So your job, readers, is to find me a job.  I have a baccalaureate degree in Sustainable Development, experience affordable housing, and a nice, trustworthy face:

This is a picture of me at my desk at work. Trustworthy.

I’m good at spelling, talking, using Adobe products, identifying energy efficient windows.  Oh oh!  I’m a Green Advantage Certified Building Practicioner! I can’t work in the restaurant business because I’m clumsy and inefficient, but I could work in retail.   I have worked on grants before and I’ve even tried some non-grant fundraising.

So everyone–spread the word.  You know a gal.  She’ll do the job.

Also, if you live in New Orleans, let’s hang out, pals! (in four months)  Yay!



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8 responses to “Life Announcement

  1. Colleen

    Yay! Only hours away from LR instead of days over hills, dales and mountains.
    Have you emailed Harry (Connick Jr. ) yet? He’s a cool dude – might need a gal just like you! Otherwise, you could always set up a swamp tour business.

  2. Benji

    RE: Also, if you live in New Orleans, let’s hang out, pals!

    Ok, I’d like to hang out.

  3. YAY! I’m glad you’ve made the decision to live in the best city in the world!!
    I work at a doggy day care making little money, but it’s fun and I can prolly get you an interview. Gimme a ringyding if that sounds at all appealing.

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