On Valentine’s Day, I used to complain about how it was a “bullshit holiday,” citing conspiracies for the card companies like Hallmark and General Electric and Phillip Morris to make single people feel terrible about themselves.  I used to celebrate this holiday by getting together with some of my other single girlfriends and seeing a romcom and then, after they left, drinking whiskey until I a. vomited, b. called my ex-boyfriends, and c. passed out.

But this was different.  This year, I experienced what true love was like, and what makes Valentine’s Day so special.

Benji surprised me with a homemade valentine that rivaled the surprise birthday party he threw me last weekend.  Here is a photograph of it:


"Just imagine how terrible you're going to feel if you find this sometime after you leave me for someone else."


The best part was that I finally didn’t have to lie to my coworkers the next day about what I actually did for Valentine’s Day!!!



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6 responses to “Gifts

  1. Erin from NC

    Why does your other love have such large ears? Is that a thing you’re into that Benji feels inadequate about?

  2. Incidentally, Erin, I have pretty big ears myself.

  3. Penelope Poppers!

    I was supposed to be there via Skype! I called Benji like 4 trillion times (2, actually) and his butt kept answering. Ugh!

  4. Colleen

    Awww- that’s so sweet : P Puts my card to the both of you to shame! A Snoopy, Hallmark card, no less…

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