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Me and My Bros go to Mardi Gras

So, do you like to party?  I am really into partying.   Most of my friends are too.  Usually, on a Friday or Saturday night, sometimes Thursdays (a friend of mine said Thursday is the new Friday, which is funny!) me and my bros will either roll to a friends house, or out to a bar, and just party.  Like till 2 or 3 if its a bar, and later if its at a friends house.  As you can see, we are very serious about parties.  We will not just pass up a party if we are tired or if we feel like going to the movies instead, or if a girlfriend is upset about it (a friend of mine likes to say Bros before Hos, which makes me feel bad so I don’t say it, but it’s funny).  We will just go.  Most of our girlfriends like to party too, though, which is helpful.  When we were all in college together, me and my bros would go to a beach for spring break or some similar stretch of time off (summer, for example) and we would literally spend an entire week partying.

I don’t want to give you the impression that we are only serious about partying. We are serious about other things, too.  For example, one of my buds is getting married in a couple of months.   This is Very Serious.  I didn’t think he’d be the first one to get married, but his girlfriend–I mean, she’s cool and all, but you could tell she was the kind that would have a lot of expectations of a guy.  Anyway, so knowing that he was getting married, and knowing how marriage can really change a dude, we all decided to take the ultimate party trip, just one last time, all bros.  Not like a Bachelor Party, but like, the last party of all parties.  We had gone to Vegas before, right after we graduated, so we figured this time we would really do it right and, so we’re  going to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

You may be surprised to hear that only one of us has been to Mardi Gras before.  It seems like we would have made it there a lot sooner. But I’m glad that we saved the Ultimate Party for such an important moment in our lives.  The gravity of the situation will surely force us into more focused and intense partying than we have ever experienced before.   Don’t worry, I’m totally going to keep you guys up to date on what happens.


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